One of the first things that grasped my attention was from the “God of Islam” article where it read that the bible “has been corrupted and therefore cannot be considered reliable.” The reason of interest rests with the similarities between Islam, Jehovah’s Witness (JW), and Mormonism. I realize it may seem strange to compare these three; however, what is in common is the basis of creating a new bible in addition to the Holy Bible. All three religions use the Holy Bible as a premise to create a new one. Founders of the JW and Mormonism, Charles Taze Russell and Joseph Smith, believe the Holy Bible had become unreliable or in some way corrupted through the years. Long story short, they both believe God gave them divine revelation to create new translations or additions to lead people to the truth.

The founder of the Muslim religion “Muhammad,” was 25 years old when he received his divine revelation in a cave (McAnalle). Equally, Muhammad falls in line with Charles Russell and Joseph Smith, who believe God gave them divine revelation while alone with no witnesses to preach the truth to people due to biblical inerrancy. Another critical issue in common with the three self-proclaimed prophets is their teachings influence a distortion of the deity of Jesus Christ. JW and Mormons teach Jesus is a created angel, while Islam teaches Jesus was a prophet of God but inferior to Muhammad. The Jews are in a different dynamic, which believes Jesus Christ was a blasphemous false prophet in every respect. At least the other three placed Jesus in some form of a divine hierarchy.

The misrepresentation of the deity of Christ in the Islamic religion is pre-conceived in the beginning with Adam and Eve. In the Christian religion, Jesus Christ is sent to live a life of righteousness for the sake of sinners who cannot fulfill the commandments of God. People who believe in the Gospel of Christ are then forgiven for their sins and are justified as righteous for their faith in Jesus Christ. In the Islamic religion, there is no need for a savior because humanity is not in a fallen state since Adam and Eve’s disobedience; in other words, the doctrine of “Original Sin” is invalid. Instead of requiring a mediator for forgiveness, Islam teaches that “when Adam and Eve repented and sought God’s mercy, they were forgiven and returned to a state of harmony with God” (Hewer). The “state of harmony” I will suggest is the inception of restoring the image and likeness of God in humanity. Contrastingly, the Jews are still waiting for their prophet prophesied in the Old Testament.

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