I do not think it is power that necessarily corrupts a person merely because a person rises to a position of power. Instead, I believe humans are born with an innate sense of imperfect morality. We possess a consciousness of moral law, which sets us apart from animals, making humans significant. Christian theologians would use that proposition to suggest it as the qualifier of being created in the image of God. In any case, the state of corruption is innate. No matter what range of power one finds themselves in, corruption is there. It may seem that corruption is higher when in government positions, monarchies, politics, military, religion, etc. But in reality, since humans are corrupt, we find ourselves having to act unethically in particular circumstances regardless of power. For the sake of good and evil, humans have learned to manipulate unethical circumstances to survive. For example, consider our government leaders. If an adversary threatens our society and we must implement force that may inflict physical harm to many, but instead can achieve success without physical harm using deception, which would you choose to employ as a leader? Both choices are unethical. The point is, it is not power that corrupts absolutely; it is the high stakes in positions of power that inevitably force our will to implement corrupt behavior for both good and evil.

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